Sponsored Sky Dive
On Saturday 28th August Fiona Joisce and myself (Aaron Hall) took part in a sponsored sky dive at Beccles Heliport Airfield to raise valuable funds for both The Friends of All Saints Church and the Swanton Morley Bell Ringers. I would like to thank everyone who sponsored us both on this mad venture! As I write this money is still coming in and people are still donating and the total is slowly but surely rising!

I thought you may be interested in hearing what happened on that day and how I felt as I plummeted towards the ground below.

As I approached Beccles I suddenly thought to myself what have I let myself in for! Up until this point I had laughed and joked about it, I was slightly nervous as you would expect but on the whole excited. I slept well the night before, and even joked about it all as I ate my breakfast. As we passed Beccles I suggested to my family that we might like to just have a day in the town, and that I am sure someone would only be too happy to fill my place!

As I stood watching the briefing on how to vacate the plane, free fall and then land I began to feel a little sick, realising that I was going to have to go through all of this by then end of the day. Then the waiting game started. On a window were four clipboards, each with a list of 7 jumpers and 7 instructors and which number plane trip they would be going up on. Once that plane went all the clipboards moved along one and a new one was put on the end. Eventually my name appeared in the window....plane trip 8.

Finally it was time to be suited up. An instructor called Aaron helped me get on my very fetching jump suit and hat (all photos on the ringerís website). I also met my camera man Graham and my jump instructor Gavin. Then it was time to get onboard the aircraft and I was the last one meaning only one thing....I was to be the first person out. As we finally reached 10,000ft I was told to get ready. The door was pulled open and suddenly I realised this was it, there was nothing I could now do, I was going to be falling very shortly.

I hung outside the plane in the position I had been told to hold. We hung there for a few seconds and then we were falling. It was amazing, thatís the only word I can use to describe it. The second I was out the plane all fear and nerves evaporated. The sound of the wind rushing past your face, then we went through the cloud which took my breath away. Suddenly the ground came into view, the multicoloured fields rushed towards me as we dropped thousands of feet a second.

The cord was pulled and we suddenly stopped. The rush of air gone, replaced with nothing but peace and quiet. The view was breath taking. Stretching out below me was mile upon mile of countryside, fields of golden wheat, freshly ploughed fields and to my right the miles of sea with a huddled mass of white wind turbines. Below a bus deport looked like a childís play garage. As we floated through the sky Gavin got me to practice the landing position, which he informed me was important as if I got it wrong Iíd break my legs!

The ground seemed to be sneaking up on us and I wished it wasnít. Two people came running towards us to help catch us. As I landed I realised I have completed one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I couldnít help but smile from ear to ear as I walked across the landing zone towards my family and friends who had been there to share the wonderful experience with me.
Page Updated: 31/08/10
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