Past Projects

The task of restoring and maintaining All Saints' Church is an ongoing one and with the help of The Friends of All Saints' Church, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) has raised huge amounts to fund this mammoth task. Some of the projects have been totally funded by the Friends whilst other projects have been partly funded by both the Friends, PCC and grant awarding bodies.

This page outlines the work carried out at Swanton Morley church since 2000.

To celebrate the Millennium, the Friends raised about 18,000 to have the five bells in the tower retuned and a sixth bell cast. With a full set of six bells a true peal can now be rung and this has resulted in much increased enthusiasm among the bell ringers.

In 2004, some 35,000 was spent on repairing the roof of the chancel. This was covered by grants from English Heritage and the Norfolk Churches Trust, together with 18,000 from the Friends.

In 2007 the Friends spent 1,900 on repairing and restoring the face of the tower-clock

In 2008 a disabled access was built.  Here it should be noted that, although the Friends provided 6,335 to cover materials, the construction work was carried out almost single-handedly by one of our members.

In 2009 major drainage work was undertaken. The purpose of this was to lead the rainwater from the roof well away from the foundations. The walls were continually damp, and, in winter, water actually bubbles up through the floor of the south aisle. No work can be done on the electrical installation until the walls have been dried out. This drainage work cost about 40,000.

In 2010 work was carried out to provide safe access to aisle roofs. This meant that a new door way had to be created leading from the ringing chamber onto the south side of the Nave roof and adapting the current doorway on the North side of the Nave. The tower roof had been cracked for some time and rainwater had begun to come in and drip onto the bells.  During 2010 the roof was re-leaded and a lightning conductor installed soon after.  The Friends of All Saints were major contributors to these projects, nearly 18,00 for the lead work on the tower.

Sadly in 2011 lead was stolen off the north aisle roof of the church allowing water to leak into the church into the newly restored organ. With the help of the Friends, the PCC found and cost a non-lead replacement material to replace that stolen at a cost of 6,000. To prevent lead being stolen again a security system was installed, to which the Friends contributed 1,300.

2013 saw the major project t carried out at All Saints of updating of the old electrical system.
The work included:
> installing a new distrubition board
> replacing and increasing the current wiring
> replacing the cold lighting system throughout the church with a new more efficient lighting system
> installing a new heating system throughout the church
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