Articles on All Saints' Church and Swanton Morley

On the following pages are a series of articles by David Stone about incidents in the history of Swanton Morley and its church.

William of Beverley
2 When was All Saints Built?
3 ‘Honest Tom' Martinand Part 1
4 ‘Honest Tom' Martinand Part 2
5 Circling the church to see the devil
6 Thomas De Kynygham
7 The very early members of the Morley Family
8 The Royal Coat of Arms
William De Morley
10 The Church Tower Was Struck by Lightning
11. A Visitation by the Duke of Northumberland's Men
12. When the Rector had to Disown his Wife
13  What happened to Thomas Norley
14 Choir Outings
15 The Three Organs which have been in All Saints
16 Land in Swanton Morley Owned by the Boys' Hospital in Norwich
17 Diversion of Road between Swanton Morley and Bawdswell
18 Who was Henry Ainsworth
19 Henry Ainswoth and the Mayflower
20. The Mystery of the Porch
21. The Chancel doesn't fit the Nave
22. The Visit to All Saints; Church made by the Archdeacon of Norwich in the Summer of 1368

23. The RAF window in the Chancel
24. The Lincoln Bible
25. The Printing of the Lincoln Bible
26. The Prayer Book that was presented to the church in 1755
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All Saints' Church
Swanton Morley
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