Article 14. Choir Outings

I didn’t have much time this month, but I thought that you might like to read a couple of re-typed extracts from ancient issues of the Swanton Morley and Worthing Parish Magazine. They both involve choir outings.

Choir Outing to Yarmouth, August 1899

The Choirs of the two parishes, accompanied by the Rector and his family, went for a day’s “outing” to Yarmouth on Tuesday, Aug. 29th, where a most enjoyable day was spent.  The Worthing party took the train at North Elmham, and were joined at Dereham by the Swanton Choir, all arriving at Yarmouth about 10-40.  After walking past the Devonshire Hotel where meals were to be provided, so that all might know the situation of that important house, the party, to the number of 47, all made for the beach and amused themselves according to their respective fancies until 12-40, the hour of assembling to walk together to dinner, which was served at one o’clock.  The afternoon was spent much in the same way, some of the ladies of the party, we fancy, taking the opportunity to do a little shopping in the town, and at 5-30 all met again within the hospitable walls of the “Devonshire”, and sat down to an excellent tea of bread and butter, shrimps and cake, with which everyone was highly pleased.  All passed off most pleasantly and successfully, not the smallest accident or hitch in the arrangements taking place to mar the day’s enjoyment, and as the day was fine with a pleasant breeze no better day could have been chosen for our Choirs’ Excursion.  To the younger members of the party the railway journey seemed to be not the least attractive part of the day.  Dereham was reached about 8-40 and North Elmham shortly after 9, so that by 10 o’clock all had safely reached their homes, thoroughly pleased with their outing.  We have to thank Mr Webb for kindly conveying the Swanton Choir to and from the Station.
Receipts£    s.   d.           Expenditure            £    s.   d.
Six tickets sold1    4    0Railway Tickets3    7   4 ½
      Collections6    6    3Devonshire Hotel5    5    9
            _______                       ________
            £7   10   3            £8   13   1 ½

Choir Outing to Lowestoft, July 1912

On Monday, the 29th July, the Swanton Choir were taken to Lowestoft for a day at the sea, leaving Dereham Station at 9 o’clock in reserved compartments.  Fifteen members of the Choir were able to go, accompanied by Canon and Mrs Hunter, and several other members of the Congregation.

Although the day was not exactly a typical summer day, only two or three showers fell, and as there is plenty of shelter to be found, no one was really inconvenienced, and quite a pleasant and successful day was spent.  The …, with its excellent Band playing in the afternoon, was an attraction for some, and Mr Easter conducted a party of boys to the harbour, where they had the good fortune to see one of H.M. Gunboats lying at the quayside, in which they were keenly interested, as all good British boys should be.

Digging in the sands proved more fascinating than anything else to some of the younger members of the party, and at 5.45 all re-assembled at St Aubyn’s Hall for an excellent tea, after which, some in tramcars and the rest on foot, made for the railway station, where they found their carriages waiting for them, in which they travelled, reaching Dereham in safety and good spirits at 8.30, highly delighted with their day’s Excursion.

We would thank Mr Easter, Mr Gibbs and Mr Webb for very kindly conveying the excursionists to and from the Station, and their kindness was appreciated by all the members of our party.

We acknowledge, with thanks, the following Contributions towards the railway fares of the Choir. Mr Bennett, 5s. ; Mrs Gibbs, 7s. 6d. ; Mrs C. Springall, 2s. 6d.

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